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Caroline Tomlinson


Dear Jarek

I would like to write to you to tell you what a magnificent hob you did to move my home just before Christmas 2011.

You and your team worked hard from morning until night to complete what became a difficult and long day, due to problems with the other house owner.

Whilst having to wait for delays at their end, you never complained, but kept everyone’s spirits up with your jokes and humour.

At one point, when the other removal firm had struggled to remove an awkwardly shaped object for 15 minutes you just said “let me have a try” and they could not believe their eyes when you had it out of the door in 30 seconds.

The other firm were still removing their customers’ furniture at 3am the following morning. Despite the other owners’ problems, you had my furniture in place by 11.30pm, without a single breakage. And even at that time you still where smiling, which is great testimonial to you.

Thank you for turning what was for some other people a disastrous day, into our Nice Day!

Best wishes

Caroline Tomlinson