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Country Gardens Residential

I asked Jarek to quote on a job for one of my customers a couple of weeks ago.

It was to remove a large rockery area with some particularly large rockery stones in it!

Whilst we could have done the job in-house it seemed a shame to throw the rocks away and with Mrs Loxley-Burns breathing down my neck to not get round the back of Country Gardens Towers looking a dump it site I asked Jarek to have a look as I know he likes to do big heavy and hard jobs with the bonus of getting his hands on my rocks!

He quoted a very reasonable price and could also do the job the following week. The customer asked us to go ahead on the understanding that his would not get ruined in the process!

Jarek kept saying ‘have a nice day’ and so I trusted him and his people to get on with it!

Jarek kept me informed at every step and when I went back to do work the area was left spotless and more importantly there was NO marks on the prized lawn!

Thanks to Jarek and his team and I’m looking forward to seeing the rockery in a garden somewhere in Mexborough!

I really did have a nice day.

Thanks again

Dave Bruns

Country Gardens Residential.