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Enterprise Accountancy

Dear Jarek

A testimonial

When we set about planning to relocate to our new offices the thing that filled us with the most dread was the move.

Desks, cabinets and about 3 tonnes of clients’ books and records that all had to be kept separate and confidential at all times was not something we were looking forward to.

But we were about to ‘Have a Nice Day’!

If you have not been privileged to see Jarek and the Have a Nice Day team in action they are simply awesome.

Our entire office and contents were relocated in 4 hours and a Sunday morning, everything put in its rightful place, nothing lost and nothing broken.

As a Company that prides its self on delivering exceptional service it’s great to see others not only prepared to go the extra mile but also delivering.

Have a Nice Day………we did!

And I will continue to recommend you to all those who want or need one too.

Many thanks

Jon Lister FCCA