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Dear Jarek

I felt that I need to put pen to paper to say how pleased we are at printing.com are with ‘Have A Nice Day’.

I started working at printing.com in August last year and since then, Ian has been saying that he would clear out the back room. A few weeks after starting BNI I told him about a lovely guy who was getting great testimonials and who should do us a quote

Within 24 hours of calling you, you came to our store to have a look at what needed clearing. You gave us a great price and said that you recommended coming before we opened so not to disturb our customers.

You were in and out before I came in at 9. Ian was impressed with the speed, cleanliness and friendless of yourself and your 2 workers.

We have since used you for another service and I know both myself and Ian will recommend you to anyone who needs to have a nice day.

Thank you

The printing.com Team.